BCB ART | Vibrant Space: New Work by Musho Rodney Alan Greenbelt
BCB ART in Hudson, New York
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Vibrant Space: New Work by Musho Rodney Alan Greenbelt

From June 6th through July 5th 2015  BCBART will present VIBRANT SPACE– new work by MUSHO RODNEY ALAN GREENBLAT.

“The works in “Vibrant Space” are a departure from the fully representation works in my previous 2013 show “The Wonder Verified and Fulfilled” at BCB ART. I’ve let go of the background landscape replacing it with a wide open color field. The wide open color fields are playgrounds and stage sets populated by semi-abstract beings and processes that interact with each other in various ways. There is plenty of space for all.”

A reception for the artist will be held at the gallery on Saturday, June 6th –  from 6 to 8 pm.

Also on view at BCB ART will be a group exhibition of gallery artists, including work by Justin Baker, Barbara Friedman, Sasha Chermayeff, Rick Finkelstein, Richard Butler, Michael Lindsay-Hogg,  Eric Rhein, Richard Wright – and others