BCB ART | Vice
BCB ART in Hudson, New York
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From September 29 through November 4, 2007, BCB ART will present “VICE”—a group show with works by Marco Badot, Arlene Becker, Chris Burden, Ching Ho Cheng, John Foxx, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Lynn Itzkowitz, John Lieberman, Karen Moss, Julian Opie, Sedat Pakay, Lucio Pozzi, Kay Rosen, Fred Scruton, Ed Smith, Ney Tait Fraser, and others.

“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues” —Abraham Lincoln

The exhibition takes a liberal view of vice, exploring subject matter that is considered inappropriate but fashionable, personal addictions, phobias, and bad habits.

A direct approach to the concept is realized in a portfolio of prints by Julian Opie, who depicts his friends smoking, and in a work from the 1960s by Ching Ho Cheng (Chemical garden), who recounts a drug-induced experience. A drawing by Karen Moss (Insatiable) and photographs by Marco Badot envision excessive passion for food and high-heeled shoes, respectively.

A more indirect, sociopolitical approach to vice is captured in pictures by Chris Burden, who documented performances involving terrorists’ gunplay and pyromania. In addition, a collection of collages by Lucio Pozzi (The Helmsman’s Dilemma) comments upon the fanatic views of Senator Jessie Helms, and work by Ney Tait Fraser documents the extremist stance of a man and his motorcycle. From decadence to dissolution, Vice offers an artists’ look at morality, but lets viewers draw their own conclusions.

An opening reception will be held at the gallery on Saturday, September 29th from 6-8PM.