BCB ART | Free Wheel: New Work by Rodney Alan Greenblat
BCB ART in Hudson, New York
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Free Wheel: New Work by Rodney Alan Greenblat

From December 1, 2007–January 13th, 2008 BCB ART presents Free Wheel: New Work by Rodney Alan Greenblat

The artist states that “Free wheel is my approach, as well as the main imagery in these works. Try to let the colors and images flow easily out of my being and onto the paper directly, without much planning. I noticed many circular forms, wheels or pizzas, all freely appearing. Flowing from one paper to the next, many other forms emerged, abstracted raisins, socks, rainbows, clouds, flowers, stars, all bumping into each other and moving around.  Watercolors were the perfect medium for this type of exploration, because of their directness, speed and brilliance. A reflection of my interest in Zen Buddhism has also manifested itself in these works. The wheel itself is an ancient symbol of Buddha’s teaching.”

During the 1980’s Greenblat was always a very high profile part of the East Village Art scene. And along with Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, Greenblat was a central figure in shows at Gracie Mansion Gallery and The Whitney Biennial. Greenblats’ new work still retains the original playful nature associated with those East Village days, but now it points to more complex concerns.

His work is in the collections of the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art; the Chrysler Museum; the Groeninger Museum, Amsterdam; The Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design; the Neuberger Museum, and others.

Also on display will be a group show –featuring gallery artists: Jim Goss, Bart Gulley, Jim Holl, Karen Moss, Martha Lloyd, Lucio Pozzi, Eric Rhein, Ed Smith, Dan Welden and others.