BCB ART | Lifelike
BCB ART in Hudson, New York
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CHINGHOCHENGpeachturqFrom March 20th through April 25th 2010  BCB ART will present LIFELIKE– an exhibition including work by Ching Ho Cheng, Lynn Itzkowitz, Camilo Kerrigan, Joy Taylor and Lucio Pozzi.

The show will focus on untraditional approaches to the traditional motif of ‘still life’. Lynn Itzkowitz depicts everyday objects- often cast aside -combining the techniques of ‘frottage’: graphite rubbing, with drawing. Joy Taylor creates both trompe l’oeil sculpture and paintings of unexpected groupings of objects, while Camilo Kerrigan’s intimate arrangements contain a unique hint of a surreal soul. Ching Ho Cheng’s work intimately ‘explodes’ a single piece of fruit or vegetable while Lucio Pozzi’s paintings focus on the sensual and at times erotic appearances of everyday flora.

An opening reception for the artists will be held at the gallery on March 20th from 6–8 pm.