BCB ART | More Light: New Work by Martha Lloyd
BCB ART in Hudson, New York
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More Light: New Work by Martha Lloyd

June 12 through July 4th 2010, BCB ART will present More Light- New Work by Martha Lloyd.

“While the theme of this new body of work, “More Light” (or more consciousness) came to me through reading about Goethe, it is in no way narrative. It is about making a painting, the handling of paint, space, mark-making. It is about extending myself from a comfort zone into something I don’t know.

The work began as restless little jottings that became the basis of larger drawings. During this time I was passionately enabling a pair of wintered- over bluebirds. Studio work and nature became intertwined, each enhancing the other into a sort of metaphor for life. “

Also on display will be a group exhibition of gallery artists — including work by Jef Bourgeau, Liz Ainslie, Garth Evans, Erik Hansen, Marco Badot Elaine Langerman, Ching Ho Cheng, John Foxx, Jim Goss, Fred Scruton and others.